Next generation with WiMax: Nokia N810 Tablet


In the beginning of this month, next generation N810 Internet tablet was showed off, now with WiMax access, giving even advanced rapidity browsing than Wi-Fi enables.

Intended for those overlook, the Nokia N810 internet tablet was shocking when it was released, . If you’re newbie to the entire tablet line up, it’s a series of Linux-based multifunctional devices that can do music, video, games, navigation, and whatever else other Smart People can come up with.

The measurement is more or less the equal, except for the “slight bulge on the back for the WiMax antenna.” (a bulge that amounts to .08 inches thicker) The adding up of WiMAX is just an extra layer of connectivity on top of the WLAN/wi-fi or going through your phone via Bluetooth. You also get Internet Tablet OS 2008 and support for 10GB SD cards (versus the older N810’s support for cards up to 8GB) if that floats your boat.

Nokia’s affiliation with Sprint Nextel over the N810 is a little fascinating: as always, Nokia will be selling the tablets on its own. But when the new N810s pick up a WiMAX signal, it’ll allow the user to buy access to the network right then and there thanks to the miracle of credit cards. On top of that, Nokia has and is still providing the WiMAX network equipment for Sprint’s Xohm brand.

Sprint’s WiMAX service is supposed to start rolling out this summer, as is the Nokia N810 WiMAX edition. Prices are about N810’s rate.


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