Mobile TV is fetched by HAVA Player to Nokia Internet tablets

 HAVA TV player has been announced by Monsoon Multimedia intended for Nokia?s Internet Tablets. It allows user over a Wi-Max or Wi-Fi connection to controlling and viewing of a home TV system. 

Made purposely for the Internet Tablet, the HAVA player conducts supported hardware keys and an easy-to-use touch interface.

The HAVA Player can control any TV source connected to a HAVA device. The player can control the TV such as pause, play, rewind, skip, record, guide, and menu with on-screen remote.

The HAVA Player for the Nokia Internet Tablet will be available in Q2 2008 as a free direct download. In order to use this application, a HAVA box must be purchased. 

Several models of HAVA devices, in addition to more information about HAVA, visit the Monsoon HAVA website.

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