Nokia 7070 Prism, stylish midrange phones


Generally, Nokia made the Prism series to create higher-quality midrange phones that look and feel classier than they really are. They’re affordable, flashy, and weird enough to be cool. And it looked like the whole Prism series was moving up in the world, with the most recent Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism getting the 8800 Sapphire star treatment.
Subsequently came the Nokia 7070 Prism.

The 7070 Prism approximately appears like an attempt to bring a nicer-than-usual phone to the masses. That is, the masses of emerging markets throughout the world where the rivers run red with Nokia 2600 phones. And dirt cheap isn’t quite the right term for the 7070. At 50 euros, that’s being way too nice.
Not quite sure how you can go from a Prism designed by some famous Italian guy, to a 50 euro handset.

In any case, the 7070′s a dual-band (900/1800, 850/1900) flip phone that has a “stylish thin design” (15.8 mm). It’s a Series 40 phone, and has a 128×160 pixel display (no outer display on this bad boy). Like most of Nokia’s emerging market phones, there’s a prepaid tracker application to measure call times and how much you’re spending.
The BL-4B battery (700 mAh) does provide enough juice for up to 5 hours of talk time and 480 hours of standby time.

Expect the 7070 Prism at a time when Nokia’s new feature-rich Nseries phones start shipping. By that I mean Q3 of 2008. Care to presume the price?


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